Idrija 2020 Association was established in 2012 to develop youth sector and youth policies in the spheres that go beyond the programmes of many youth organisations – local strategic development, entrepreneurship, revitalisation of heritage and promotion of new creative aproaches, all with the aim of facilitating the development into a youth friendly municipality.

Since the formation, the association has organised several projects, cooperated with other youth associations and received several awards.

Finished projects


Our recent activities

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Current projects

In 2018, our main activities are:


Advocating youth vision for the town and agenda setting.

Renewal of Miner's Houses

Analysis of housing heritage and testing renovation solutions on a case study.


Developing an incubator for heritage-based and heritage-inspired jobs and startups.

Leading members


Matevž Straus

Matevž Straus is urban sociologist, city marketeer and a futurist.

Iztok Hvala

Iztok Hvala is an architect and urban planner, currently working in London.

Urban Šlabnik

Urban Šlabnik is an entrepreneur, a tourist guide and the right person to explore heritage and nature of Idrija with.

Drejc Kokošar

Drejc Kokošar is a teacher and translator of Czech and Russian language, in love with history and music.

Tadeja Pavšič

Tadeja Pavšič is a landscape architecture student.

Rok Pirih

Rok Pirih is a historian and a germanist, in love with adventures in the nature.

We collaborate with

Photo gallery

Photos say more than words

TBI, magazine for the future of the city

TBI, magazine for the future of the city is published by Idrija Student Club and Idrija 2020 Association, showcasting the liveliness of Idrija and development potentials of the city.

TBI, št.1
TBI, št.2
TBI, št.3
TBI, št.4



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